Notary Service

Notary service is offered in some library locations; costs and availability vary. Restrictions apply in all locations and appointments may be required. Please contact your local library for more information.

Costs vary by location. Gulf County Libraries offer free notary service, funded by the Friends of the Gulf County Libraries. Liberty County Libraries offer free notary service, funded under the provisions of the Florida Division of Library and Information Services, Florida American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Bay County Public Library provides notary service at a cost of $2.00 per document.

Call Ahead
It is recommended that you call the library in advance to ensure a notary is available. Notary service is not available forty-five (45) minutes prior to the library’s time of closing.

In preparation for your visit with the Notary:
• Look over all documents to make sure you have all the information you need.
• Bring a valid photo ID and one more form of current identification that features your signature.
• Do not sign anything without the Notary present.
• Bring your own witnesses — the Library cannot provide witnesses for you, and you may not solicit other library patrons to act as witnesses. The witness must personally know the person whose documents are being notarized. Witnesses must bring their valid, signed photo IDs with them.

Please be aware of the following limitations on Notary Service:
• Notary Services is one of many important services provided by the Library and there are a limited number of staff members who are notaries — you may be asked to wait or come back on another day to have your document successfully notarized.
• The Northwest Regional Library System can only perform simple notary services and reserves the right to deny notary requests. Examples of documents library staff cannot notarize are: depositions, oaths, pre or postdated documents, weapon sales, electronic documents, or copies of public records where a certified copy can be obtained, such as birth certificates and other vital records. Library staff cannot perform marriage ceremonies. Other limitations apply. Please call the library for more information.
• Only documents in English will be notarized.