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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope: An Introduction and Science Sampler (Zoom Program)

December 7 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm CST

Webb Telescope Zoom Program with Webb Telescope logo and a photograph of Derek Buzasi Subject Matter expert

NASA’s newest telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, is its largest yet and will see deeper and more clearly into space than has ever been possible before. Unlike the Hubble Space Telescope, which observes primarily at visible and ultraviolet wavelengths, the JWST will work primarily in the infrared. This will give it an unprecedented window into conditions in distant galaxies, star formation, and exoplanet atmospheres. Subject matter expert, Dr. Derek Buzasi, will discuss the mission itself, its history, instruments and science goals, and in more detail about what it will do for exoplanet research. Program geared for all ages. Registration required. You will receive a reminder email the day prior to the program.

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Dr. Derek Buzasi Bio:
Since 2012, Dr. Derek Buzasi has been the Whitaker Eminent Scholar in Science at Florida Gulf Coast University. His research interests include almost anything having to do with stars, including the exoplanets that circle many of them! He began his career studying various aspects of solar and stellar activity, such as spots, flares, and winds, and more recently has moved to studying stellar interiors, convection, and rotation.